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Food Chain

The aim of this area is to promote and pursue activities that help to bring about an improvement in the food safety situation in the primary sector, animal feed industry and food industry by providing information, developing projects and organising and giving training courses.

In order to perform our activities and help the production sector in its efforts to comply with regulations, we coordinate and participate in work groups together with associations and other organisations that represent a number of different sectors. Likewise, we work together with the Department for Environment, Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government in the definition and development of strategies that help the sector to improve its food safety systems.

The regulations on which our work is based is called the "health package", Regulation 852/2004, which relates to the health of food products. These regulations stipulate that companies in the food sector must implement an autocontrol system (APPCC, Analysis of Hazards and Critical Control Points), and in the case of primary production, will have to comply with Good Health Practices (BPH). This health package also includes Regulation 183/2005 on the health of animal feed and defines that all operators in the Animal Feed chain must establish procedure is based on an APPCC autocontrol system and comply with a member of specific health requirements in accordance with the activities performed.

The day-to-day work of promoting safety in the primary sector, animal feed and the food industry involves the following:

  • Provide information of interest to livestock breeders, animal feed factories and the food industry through the preparation of manuals and health guidelines and the development of information tools such as: databases on legislation, risks maps, sector regulations, etc. Preparation of brochures, triptychs on health requirements, information on labelling, etc.
  • Promote projects that improve quality, safety and traceability in production sectors, such as the development of an information exchange platform on raw materials and suppliers, raw material control and safety plan establishments, definition of traceability systems, etc.
  • Organise training courses for the sector through Itsasmendikoi and/or specific training for each operator. Organisation of seminars, conferences, etc. on matters of current interest to production sectors.
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