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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ELIKA was set up as a foundation to provide a public service, but our work does not only involve complying with our corporate functions, which are to improve food safety in the Basque Autonomous Community. It also means that we must demand more from ourselves in the performance of our social responsibilities and attempt to generate added value from the resources Basque society invests in us. To do this, we must comply with a series of ethical, social and environmentally responsible behaviours.

We wish to convey to all of our Interest Groups our most decided determination to make ELIKA an excellent and more competitive entity, with a greater sense of solidarity and commitment to our social environment and to make it more accessible to everyone.

The main pillars of our corporate strategy are as follows:

As a public foundation, our our governing body, the Board of Trustees, has approved this Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and in turn, its members, the trustees, follow a code of ethics that ensures their involvement, objectivity and commitment to the Responsible Administration of ELIKA.

Likewise, ELIKA’s personnel policy has been developed in accordance with the values set out in its CSR code. The foundation seeks to improve work satisfaction, reconcile the demands of the workplace with family life and the environment in which we develop our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a complex concept which encompasses the Foundation’s commitments to and relations with its different interest groups, society at large and the environment in which ELIKA carries out its activities. Aware of this responsibility, through this website, we will try to describe in a detailed and transparent manner how we organise ourselves and what projects that we are currently engaged in. We will also explain how we will spend the budget assigned to us, what type of relationship exists between ELIKA and its main interest groups, how we try to look after the environment and what our main indicators are in this sense.


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