EFSA International Workshop on Risk Assessment of Combined Exposure to Multiple Chemicals


International workshop
An international workshop on risk assessment of chemical mixtures will take place online on 18-20 October 2021 in three afternoon sessions.

This event targeted at scientists working on methods for risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals including both regulated products and contaminants, and using mode of action, adverse outcome pathways, exposure assessment, toxicokinetic and toxicodynamic modelling, and in silico methods.

Structure of the event
The workshop will consist of an opening plenary session providing international perspectives on the topic, break-out and plenary sessions, and a final plenary session. The draft programme will include presentations and discussion groups exploring questions on Scientific Criteria for grouping chemicals into assessment groups and future challenges in risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals (chemical mixtures):

  • Hazard-driven criteria,
  • Prioritisation methods: exposure, driven criteria and risk-based criteria,
  • Future challenges in the risk assessment of multiple chemicals.


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